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Human Resource Management of QH Finance (QH Finance Executive Search & Professional HR Services) is dedicated to providing professional top talent executive search for local and international enterprises. Adhering to the business philosophy of "Integrity, Professionalism, Value", QH Finance is committed to becoming the leader of headhunting in segmented industries, helping customers develop and promoting the upgrading of the industry.

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Executive Search

One hundred senior consultants search and recommend for enterprises accurately and efficiently
Middle and Senior Management Elites, Professionals, and Technical Personnel

  • 10 Years

    Experience in the Field

  • One Million

    High-Quality Talents Pool

  • 100+

    Senior Consultants and Partners

  • 1000+

    Successful Cases

  • Five Major Branches

    With Business across the World

Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Hong Kong
  • Four Major Focus Fields

    Deep Cultivation

Finance Technology Medical and Health Real Estate
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Talent Mapping

Talent mapping mainly refers to the summary and depiction of talent distribution, background, salary, and other key information for systematic understanding. QH Finance has a professional mapping team and resources covering global candidates, dynamically providing the most accurate portrait report of frontier industry talents. According to clients’ demand, we provide a one-stop service for the whole process from mapping to talent follow-up, recommendation, and maintenance.

Application Scenarios

Assist Enterprises in Talent Supply and Replacement
Assist Enterprises in Talent Upgrading and Migration
Assist Enterprises in Talent Survey and Adjustment

Benefits to Enterprises

Grasp Talent Data in the Market
Have a Stable Talent Echelon
Shorten Vacancies of Key Positions
Roll out Effective Talent Retention Strategies

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Flexible Employment

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) refers to enterprises outsourcing their recruitment needs to third-party professional companies. Guided by customers and based on projects, QH Finance provides comprehensive recruitment solutions according to the mass, process-based, and customized recruitment needs of enterprises, to solve the recruitment problems of enterprises at the fastest speed.

Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) refers to that a client entrusts the service outsourcing provider to provide some or all of the service functions of information technology to the enterprise, mainly including information technology systems, application management, and technical support services. The service content covers enterprise IT infrastructure, software development platform capability, industry application solution, etc., and focuses on project capability delivery and human resource assignment service, effectively reducing management scope, lowering human cost, and avoiding overstaffed organization.

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Other Value-Added Services

Campus Recruitment

Provide Various campus recruitment services, including campus job fair, campus executive search, and employer brand communication

Talent Integrated Service

Committed to compressive integrated HR services, such as policy matching and planning for employment and entrepreneurship, employment...

Background Check Service

Professional online and offline employer risk assessment services

Overseas Talents Recruitment

Search overseas high-level experts and overseas students of famous universities, and provide fast and accurate matching with global overseas talents

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