Shenzhen Qianhai Institute of Financial Management Co., Ltd

(QH Finance)

With the mission of introducing international and domestic talents and cultivating excellent talents for the reform and innovation of Chinese financial enterprises, QH Finance was established in Qianhai Free Trade Zone in Shenzhen in 2013.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "Integrity, Professionalism, Value" and focusing on customer demand, QH Finance provides high-quality talent executive search services and offline financial consulting & training systems, and has served more than 250 large financial institutions, 7000 branches and 200000 person-times. The launch of the mobile learning platform supported by powerful technology, and the establishment of Mobius Technology Company and the rolling out of its research results reflect the perfect combination of financial training and technology forms, indicating that QH Finance has built a brand new online + offline training business model relying on science and technology.

Shenzhen Qianhai Institute of Financial Management Co., Ltd has always taken "Integrity, Professionalism, Value" as the fundamental concept of our corporate culture. With "professionalism" as the link, QH Finance constantly creates optimal value for customers, shareholders, employees, and society. From the perspective of enterprise personification, combining the connotation of corporate culture, industry characteristics, and social practice, QH Finance strives to build an excellent brand system of training consulting and HR service in China.

Axis of Corporate Culture
Integrity, Professionalism, Value

“Integrity, Professionalism, Value” is the axis of the corporate culture of Shenzhen Qianhai Institute of Financial Management Co., Ltd, and the winning concept pursued by our enterprise. This concept effectively promotes the ability, confidence, and vision of our enterprise to achieve the goal of "global vision, serving the finance and winning the future" through professional operation and management. Meanwhile, under the competitive environment that emphasizes "professional level", QH Finance motivates the employees to keep improving the value connotation of our "professional services" to continuously provide the best comprehensive financial knowledge and the latest achievements of services for the society and create the most professional enterprise value and social value.

Value of Corporate Culture
Achieve a Win-Win Situation for Customers, Employees and Society

With professionalism and value maximization as the orientation, our enterprise value continues to grow, and customers, shareholders, and employees can obtain satisfactory returns. Meanwhile, QH Finance has made positive contributions to social progress through the company's efforts.

To provide customers with all-round, personalized, professional, and leading service value is not only the source of our enterprise value, but also our enterprise's unremitting pursuit. To train employees to become experts and professionals with first-class professional quality is the realistic foundation for our enterprise’s unceasing growth. Our enterprise is accountable to the employees, who contribute to our enterprise and grow in our enterprise. Our enterprise and employees achieve progress in the professional fields together and coexistence of value.

Returns of Enterprise Value
Serve the Society and Repay the Society

Society is the soil to realize enterprise value. Through professional management and service, QH Finance strives to build an international financial center and promote the professional quality of domestic financial talents. Meantime, we nurture society with a grateful heart and provide assistance within our power to those who are concerned about by society. This is an important external manifestation of the concept of "Integrity, Professionalism, Value".

Integrity, Professionalism, Value

For the Reform and Innovation of Chinese Financial Enterprises To Cultivate and Introduce Domestic and International Talents